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Personal Barley Testimony of a Hypertensive Mom

Is the cost of Barley really expensive? When you compare to the room fee and doctor’s fee when you get hospitalized, aren’t they more expensive right?

She’s my mom-in-law; she had a mild stroke two years ago. She’s known to be hypertensive, with controlled diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc. Most of her laboratory results are above borderline. She’s been taking maintenance even before that’s why her body become very intoxicated. Since synthetic drugs are known to have side effects in a long run.

After her mild stroke she felt changes on her condition and became weaker unlike before, her heart is not okay according to the doctor, she had enlargement on her right side of her heart (Cardiomyopathy), and her Electrocardiogram (ECG) doesn’t go well still. But GOD is really good! We’re glad that we found barley of IAM, very pure Barley not mixture of Stevia or other sweetener. According to a doctor specialist I have consulted, stevia is not good for our health and he doesn’t recommend to his patients because long-term consumption of stevia could damage the kidney.

That’s why I choose this pure Organic Barley from Australia. It was approved by many doctors! Mid of December we gave mom three (3) boxes of Barley to hopefully alleviate her condition. January 8th of 2019, she had her routine check-up, surprisingly all her laboratory results are all normal!! It’s that fast that her cholesterol level went down, uric acid, fast blood sugar (FBS), complete blood count (CBC) and other laboratory results are all normal without synthetic drugs!! What’s great was her enlarged heart is now normal in size along with Electrocardiogram (ECG) result.

Everything really went normal! Only thyroid for now left, Barley is working out to normalize.  According to her, she is feeling 50 years old again! J That’s why with Barley is already included on her daily lifestyle. It is good for the colon and liver cleansing too Barley is replenishing her kidney and pancreas to become healthy again.

Thanks God for this miraculous plant!