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Got Pregnant Because of Barley


“Last month I went to an Obstetrician to have my egg cell check if it would be enough size to be able to conceive from day 1 to day 6 in which the OB Gynecologist was closely monitoring. However, there comes day 6 my egg cell still couldn’t reach the size that is normal which is at least 1.85 cm to be able to conceive a baby.

According to the Doctor then there is no chance yet but just keep on praying and never lose hope. So what I did was I just drink the pure organic BARLEY every morning that eventually became part of my morning routine.

But now I’m 5 weeks pregnant, yes I’m pregnant! Isn’t it amazing? Even we were so amazed with this miracle God has given us.

Of course we should not lose our faith with the Lord and we just have to keep on praying and we should never lose hope because the Lord knows what the desire of our hearts are. It is a wonderful feeling that before I was just reading testimonials about Barley but now I’m personally experiencing myself and sharing my own testimonials.

Thank you so much God for introducing us to this Barley product! Thanks for the miracle and you are the best!” #organicproducts #miracledrink #purebarley #organicbarley #healthydrink #barley