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Dengue and Pneumonia Patient Children

Dengue Patient

Dengue and Pneumonia Testimony.

“My daughter who is 8 years old and my son who is 6 years old were both admitted in General Trias Medicare Hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with UTI and was the first one who got discharged from the hospital. I only had 4 sachets of Amazing Pure Barley Powder left then when their platelets are still on normal level and when I suddenly ran out of Barley powder stock.

Then comes the third day that my son was in the hospital his platelet count went down and confirmed to be positive with Dengue. His fever never went down; it was just playing around 38 and 40.5 Degree Celsius when the doctor decided that we have to transfer hospital since we needed a hospital that could monitor his platelet count every 8 hours. So we transferred to another hospital.

We are just using alternative help then that according to some could help normalize his platelet count since I ran out of Barley stocks, the likes of “Tawa-Tawa” and Quail Egg. However, the fever still doesn’t subside and his platelet count even went down to 109 only. On the following day it turned out that he already developed Pneumonia which slows down more his immune system.Pneumonia which initially has to undergo 6 months of treatment got shortened. It was really an amazing experience and just to make the long story short we were eventually discharged from the hospital but earlier than expected.

I hope my testimony will also help others in need and on same situation. To all of those who helped us, we thank you so much and God bless you more. I may not be able to mention each of your names, it will be God almighty that will double or triple your blessings.”