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Colon Cancer Patient

Amazing Barley Testimony from a Colon Cancer Patient??

She shared

“I had a very weak immune system since I was young. I was always brought to the hospital. In fact I almost died when I was a kid due to Asthma. Growing up I was having kidney infections, Asthma, a Vertigo problem and Gastric Ulcer.

Few years back, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and it was already in Stage IV. The doctors already told me that I will die sooner the moment I will have series of attacks. Besides my existing health problems I was also diagnosed with Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infection and Allergic Rhinitis. I already lose hope but even if I was suffering on a very bad health conditions then I still had to go to work to support my family and for my medications.

I experienced four attacks last year, I had cardiac arrests twice. I was almost giving up in life, losing my faith and stop believing in God anymore. So I have just waited for the time to come that I could no longer breathe and die.

It was in June 2017 when my Sister-in-Christ introduces me to Barley. She said it was a food supplement and while she was explaining to me, my mind was telling me that I do really need that product. She gave me one box of Barley powder and I drink it three times a day before meal.

Then I realized I was already breathing properly and was not easily getting tired. I don’t feel any pains anymore in my lungs and my tummy! I know God is healing me and He is using this food supplement enable for me to go on and think again of life.

With this I find hope. I am feeling very blessed that I do believe that God was sustaining my health enable for me to grab every opportunity that comes. More opportunities that can make me prosper in life not only with my health but also with my financial status. Through this I can help not only myself but also everyone in need of this. To God be the glory!”