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Chronic Kidney Disease/ Hypertension @age 21

Who wants to get sick right?

I’m a Haemodialysis patient for eight (8) years. I was diagnosed in 2011 with Chronic Kidney Disease because of Hypertension. Yes, because of my Hypertension, I had no idea and was not expecting I was hypertensive already at the age of 21. There are many complications I had experienced due to my illness. I could not count anymore how many times I have been rushed to the emergency room and was critical. I got confined also twice to thrice this year, my benefits and my savings from the fruit of my work were exhausted due to my hospitalizations.

I would like to share this with you for awareness.  While I was in the hospital, I often observe to most dialysis patients especially with the ones I have met. It breaks my heart to see them just like myself sick. Most of the time more and more patients were being rushed to the emergency room very weak and had hard time breathing, were vomiting and it breaks my heart more to see patients as young as 14 years old who have undergone dialysis too like me.

That’s why I said to myself that I must take care more the health of my family because it is very hard and costly to get sick. I don’t want them to experience what I have experienced. That’s why I made sure that every day they are drinking #IAMPureBarley even myself is drinking Barley too and to stay away from salty foods, soda and many other prohibited foods. MORE WATER of course! If you are the type of person who is lazy in drinking water, now is the time to change.

Don’t be hesitant and regret buying supplements like AMazing Barley because the reality is it is more costly to get sick. Your body is suffering so is your savings. And you will never wish to be a dialysis patient if you will see the sufferings of those patients like me. The best gift that you could give your love ones is a good health.

I believe that health is wealth!