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Cancer Survivor Testimony

She’s Melanie, a Stage II Cervical Cancer survivor.  “It runs on our blood being handsome and beautiful! 🙂 But kidding aside and it is not in our bloodline to have cancer. None really has cancer from my ancestors.” According to experts the possibilities of a person to have cancer, is either genetically or because of too much stress.  Right now, she’s in Japan, undergoing her fifth chemotherapy session. She is not allowed to work no matter how much she wanted because of her very weak immune system due to the chemotherapy sessions, it is very risky for her to infect with other illnesses because it could be fatal.

Now, what is the message of this testimony? Stop abusing your body, just plain and simple. Why? There is a principle called The Compound Effect. If every day you drink a bottle of soda, it is for sure one day you will have Diabetes. Why? Every bottle of soda contains 16 teaspoons of white sugar. If every day, you eat greasy/fatty foods, it will for sure one day, your arteries clogged that will lead you to get Heart Attack.

If every day you are too stressed out with your work, it will for sure one day you will get a sick and it could be anything! The one cause of diseases is Stress. So think really hard, is your job worth it when your health is at stake? It is not the big things that matter; it is the little things really in the end. They are easy to do, but easy too NOT to do.

I’m very thankful to those who generously donated Amazing Pure Organic Barley for my aunt.