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maritoni fernandez barley“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on April 04, 2001 with only 5 year chance of survival. I discovered Barley on the internet and took it along with my chemotherapy.

Now I am on my 17th year of survival. Barley did not just save my life but gave me a new life that I decided to take barley everyday for the rest of my life.” ~ Maritoni Fernandez, Philippine Actress/Cancer Survivor

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pregnant barley“I’ve been a user of Australian Organic Barley Powdered Drink since January of 2016 but not consistent because I still crave for coffee. And yet last October, I started taking it consistently, morning and evening and when I had a headache and feeling constipated. At that time I never got pregnant again after 4 years. Surprisingly, in just 2 months of consistently drinking Australian Organic Barley, I got pregnant! Thanks be to GOD”


louie gae barley“I’ve been suffering from Acute Gastro Enteritis and heartburn since 2006. In and out at Makati Medical Center for almost 10 years, it came to the point that I passed out every time it attacks, by just simply eating a single fries, single scoop of ice cream, and even a bit of chicharon.

Good thing, I have my health card when I was employed that covered all my hospital expenses. Until such time, that a friend of mine and business partner, Stephen Jardeleza introduced to me the Pure Organic Barley Juice.”

Thank God, after more than 6 months of using #PureOrganicBarleyJuice I never experienced having an attack pain and it also helped me lose weight and feel healthy inside and out. ” ~ Louie Gae Sanchez-Lansang


baby blood illness barleyHello! I am Emilie and that’s my baby on the pic, he’s got an illness in the bloodstream the reason why we are often in the hospital for his confinement. It’s very painful for a mother to see the pain of her daughter and the suffering that he has to take many medicines and antibiotics. Once to twice a month he has been extracted with blood and if some blood components are low she has to undergo blood transfusion.

When he’s crying, I also cried and especially when he cries because the nurses or doctor has to inject him, it pains me a lot. I met one wonderful couple Nani and his wife, Marle Joy who introduced to me BARLEY. So I tried preparing the Amazing Pure Organic Barley Juice for my son but only drops in the morning and another in the evening before going to sleep. It was Barley that I prepared for him to drink in replacement of his previous medicines.

And when we went back to the doctor for his checkup surprisingly the results were amazing because according to the doctor his red and white blood cell counts are improving, so as the hemoglobin. We were very amazed because our baby is very active again now and his appetite really shows a lot of improvement and our baby is glowing always with a smile now. Thank God for sending us angels who helped us a lot by just introducing this product.”


Dengue and Pneumonia Testimony.

“My daughter who is 8 years old and my son who is 6 years old were both admitted in General Trias Medicare Hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with UTI and was the first one who got discharged from the hospital. I only had 4 sachets of Amazing Pure Barley Powder left then when their platelets are still on normal level and when I suddenly ran out of Barley powder stock.

Then comes the third day that my son was in the hospital his platelet count went down and confirmed to be positive with Dengue. His fever never went down; it was just playing around 38 and 40.5 Degree Celsius when the doctor decided that we have to transfer hospital since we needed a hospital that could monitor his platelet count every 8 hours. So we transferred to another hospital.

We are just using alternative help then that according to some could help normalize his platelet count since I ran out of Barley stocks, the likes of “Tawa-Tawa” and Quail Egg. However, the fever still doesn’t subside and his platelet count even went down to 109 only. On the following day it turned out that he already developed Pneumonia which slows down more his immune system.
I couldn’t leave my son in the hospital so I seek help from someone to secure some Barley for us. Through prayers and with the help of the Amazing Pure Barley Powder which I poured on a very small bottle of water, three sachets of Barley powder and within 24 hours his platelet count went up from 109 to 220 and he got Dengue free!

Even the doctors and nurses were amazed and were asking where to get the product so that they could use to their own patients. His Pneumonia which initially has to undergo 6 months of treatment got shortened. It was really an amazing experience and just to make the long story short we were eventually discharged from the hospital but earlier than expected.

I hope my testimony will also help others in need and on same situation. To all of those who helped us, we thank you so much and God bless you more. I may not be able to mention each of your names, it will be God almighty that will double or triple your blessings.”



?? “Last month I went to an Obstetrician to have my egg cell check if it would be enough size to be able to conceive from day 1 to day 6 in which the OB Gynecologist was closely monitoring. However, there comes day 6 my egg cell still couldn’t reach the size that is normal which is at least 1.85 cm to be able to conceive a baby.

According to the Doctor then there is no chance yet on conceiving a baby but just have to keep on praying and never lose hope. So what I did was I just drink the pure organic BARLEY every morning that eventually became part of my morning routine. ???

But now I’m 5 weeks pregnant, yes I’m pregnant! Isn’t it amazing? Even we were so amazed with this miracle God has given us. ? Of course we should not lose our faith with the Lord and we just have to keep on praying and we should never lose hope because the Lord knows what the desire of our hearts are. ?

It is a wonderful feeling that before I was just reading testimonials about Barley but now I’m personally experiencing myself and sharing my own testimonials. ? Thank you so much God for introducing us to this Barley product! Thanks for the miracle and you are the best!” ??#organicproducts #miracledrink #purebarley #organicbarley #healthydrink #barley


Pure Organic Barley is indeed amazing.  Noli Suarez is a retired government employee and has been Diabetic for 13 years already. According to Noli his blood sugar before was high that has reached 300 but is only 160 by now.

How it works? Just consume 3 grams each day, just the amount of single Barley serving lowers down cholesterol by 8%. That can be credited to its fiber abundance; Barley can also help normalize your blood sugar.



Amazing Barley Testimony from a Colon Cancer Patient??

She shared:

“I had a very weak immune system since I was young. I was always brought to the hospital. In fact I almost died when I was a kid due to Asthma. Growing up I was having kidney infections, Asthma, a Vertigo problem and Gastric Ulcer.

Few years back, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and it was already in Stage IV. The doctors already told me that I will die sooner the moment I will have series of attacks. Besides my existing health problems I was also diagnosed with Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infection and Allergic Rhinitis. I already lose hope but even if I was suffering on a very bad health conditions then I still had to go to work to support my family and for my medications.

I experienced four attacks last year, I had cardiac arrests twice. I was almost giving up in life, losing my faith and stop believing in God anymore. So I have just waited for the time to come that I could no longer breathe and die.

It was in June 2017 when my Sister-in-Christ introduces me to Barley. She said it was a food supplement and while she was explaining to me, my mind was telling me that I do really need that product. She gave me one box of Barley powder and I drink it three times a day before meal.

Then I realized I was already breathing properly and was not easily getting tired. I don’t feel any pains anymore in my lungs and my tummy! I know God is healing me and He is using this food supplement enable for me to go on and think again of life.

With this I find hope. I am feeling very blessed that I do believe that God was sustaining my health enable for me to grab every opportunity that comes. More opportunities that can make me prosper in life not only with my health but also with my financial status. Through this I can help not only myself but also everyone in need of this. To God be the glory!” #PureBarley #AmazingPureBarley



Wonderful Testimony from a Cancer Patient

Great day everyone sharing my blessings!

I started drinking Pure Organic Barley Juice before my fourth chemotherapy intended only for the strength I needed a week before my chemotherapy (1-2 sachets per day). Barley helps me a lot to reduce the risk of side effects and to be able to get my strength back, when before I was only standing but I was experiencing Vertigo, it seemed that all my blood are rushing down from my head. I was very weak, I had rashes, mouth sore, sore throat, I always felt very hot and worst of all is what is happening on my mouth and tongue, everything tasted really bad regardless if I was hungry I could not take any food and many others. Because of Barley, I was able to recover to be ready for my 4th chemotherapy and with that thanks to Sis Nhidz for introducing Barley to me! 🙂

But because I didn’t have enough to sustain then, I had to make do with only limited Barley supplies I had until my 5th chemotherapy so I almost ran out of Barley. That was why I had a hard time and I got weaker again. But of course God Almighty had never forsaken us through sending people to our aid, Ma’am Eileen met Sir JM who became an instrument who helped me since the 24th of November 2018 that I am able to continuously drink 3 sachets of Barley per day and aiming to drink more sachets each day. I am very blessed to have this IAM Pure Organic Barley who will be with me on my continuous battle with Cancer and on my Radiation therapy that until now I have no idea yet if it could be started anytime soon. But I know God will and always provide.

I am super excited to be completely healed and get to know the person who becomes my inspiration for this battle, Ms. Maritoni Fernandez, a Cancer survivor. I know that someday I will become a Cancer survivor like her.  “Whether it is the best of times or worst of times, it’s the only time we have. Let us all look for the good each day. Focus on our purpose, peace, gratitude, happiness and love.” Barley was mentioned 37 times in the Bible.

To know more about the health benefits of Barley grass for my condition and for many other illnesses, just gather info about my illness, prevention and treatment of cancer, strengthening of the immune system, cleansing and detoxification of the body, protection from radiation and cellular damage, and regeneration of damaged cells and tissues.

#AustralianCertifiedOrganic #IAMGreenBox #HOPE


Barley Testimony on Endometrium Polyps

I would just like to share to help others.

Two months ago I went through something unexpected; I have suffered irregular menstruation for more than two (2) months. I got scared because I had menstruation for two (2) months already so I have decided to see a doctor and I had ultrasound. It was found out that the lining of my uterus is thickening already. So the doctor advised that I must undergo operation, the more I got scared so I seek for a second opinion along with my employer. I have gone through three (3) doctors in the hope to seem for different opinions as my employer got really worried too with my condition.

So I ended up being scheduled for an operation. That was when I was diagnosed with Endometrium Polyps, a type of illness without an accurate cure and is prohibited on taking any medications. So I have thought of trying to drink Barley that got introduced to me, in the hope to find cure for my illness. What I did was immediately sort myself to drinking PURE ORGANIC BARLEY.  After 10 days of drinking Barley juice, I no longer felt pain in my lower abdomen and I felt better. I was not like before that I was having a hard time doing my daily chores and easily get fatigued. I am now feeling a lot better!

Thank you to BARLEY that I got my strength back and I am feeling more comfortable now. Thank you so much to my partner for being very persistent in encouraging me to drink Pure Organic Barley juice.

Thank you Lord Almighty God!!! ~ Ms. Eva P.

#IAMGreenBox #AustralianCertifiedOrganic


Amazing Barley Testimony from a Goiter Patient

Another testimony from our Pure Organic Barley user, Ms.  Marichu Valentino, one who trusted and tested drinking Pure Barley Powder.

“This Barley cured my Goiter after one (1) month of drinking Ogranic Barley juice, my Goiter was gone and it also cured other illnesses.

If you happen to know someone with the same health condition. Share this post and let us help them.




Prayers Granted! Thank you God for this amazing blessing that you have given us!  It was amazing when you are the one doing already the testimonial, before I was just posting and sharing pregnancy testimonials of others. But after some negative pregnancy results, I realized why not try it myself then I have tried drinking the Amazing Barley, “walk the talk” per se, be your own product! And God is so amazing! After less than 3 boxes of drinking Pure Organic Barley juice, it came back positive result on my pregnancy test and after I had an ultrasound, I saw my baby with a beautiful heartbeat. Thank you so much Lord God! We are forever thankful.

P.S. Including my husband who is now drinking Barley that was why we got express result. 😉



Chronic Kidney Disease/ Hypertension @age 21

Who wants to get sick right?

I’m a Haemodialysis patient for eight (8) years. I was diagnosed in 2011 with Chronic Kidney Disease because of Hypertension. Yes, because of my Hypertension, I had no idea and was not expecting I was hypertensive already at the age of 21. There are many complications I had experienced due to my illness. I could not count anymore how many times I have been rushed to the emergency room and was critical. I got confined also twice to thrice this year, my benefits and my savings from the fruit of my work were exhausted due to my hospitalizations.

I would like to share this with you for awareness.  While I was in the hospital, I often observe to most dialysis patients especially with the ones I have met. It breaks my heart to see them just like myself sick. Most of the time more and more patients were being rushed to the emergency room very weak and had hard time breathing, were vomiting and it breaks my heart more to see patients as young as 14 years old who have undergone dialysis too like me.

That’s why I said to myself that I must take care more the health of my family because it is very hard and costly to get sick. I don’t want them to experience what I have experienced. That’s why I made sure that every day they are drinking #IAMPureBarley even myself is drinking Barley too and to stay away from salty foods, soda and many other prohibited foods. MORE WATER of course! If you are the type of person who is lazy in drinking water, now is the time to change.

Don’t be hesitant and regret buying supplements like AMazing Barley because the reality is it is more costly to get sick. Your body is suffering so is your savings. And you will never wish to be a dialysis patient if you will see the sufferings of those patients like me. The best gift that you could give your love ones is a good health.

I believe that health is wealth!


Personal Barley Testimony of a Hypertensive Mom

Is the cost of Barley really expensive? When you compare to the room fee and doctor’s fee when you get hospitalized, aren’t they more expensive right?

She’s my mother-in-law; she had a mild stroke two years ago. She was known to be hypertensive, with controlled Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, etc. Most of her laboratory results are above borderline. She has been taking maintenance even before that’s why her body become very intoxicated. Since synthetic drugs are known to have side effects in a long run.

After her mild stroke she felt changes on her condition and became weaker unlike before, her heart is not okay according to the doctor, she had enlargement on her right side of her heart (Cardiomyopathy), and her Electrocardiogram (ECG) does not go well still. But GOD is really good! We’re glad that we found barley of IAM, very pure Barley not mixture of Stevia or other sweetener. According to a doctor specialist I have consulted, stevia is not good for our health and he doesn’t recommend to his patients because long-term consumption of stevia could damage the kidney.

That’s why I choose this pure Organic Barley from Australia. It was approved by many doctors! Mid of December we gave mom three (3) boxes of Barley to hopefully alleviate her condition. January 8th of 2019, she had her routine check-up, surprisingly all her laboratory results are all normal!! It’s that fast that her cholesterol level went down, uric acid, fast blood sugar (FBS), complete blood count (CBC) and other laboratory results are all normal without synthetic drugs!! What’s great was her enlarged heart is now normal in size along with Electrocardiogram (ECG) result.

Everything really went normal! Only thyroid for now left, Barley is working out to normalize.  According to her, she is feeling 50 years old again! J That’s why with Barley is already included on her daily lifestyle. It is good for the colon and liver cleansing too Barley is replenishing her kidney and pancreas to become healthy again.

Thanks God for this miraculous plant!


A Confession of a Mother

My daily worry as a mother due to many different illnesses coming out today is about my child. How I can protect my child when outside like when in school when even vaccines can cause death. What is a simple mother like me believe who nothing wants but our children to grow healthy until they get old. It is indeed very scary; I realized the only way for me to protect her health is to boost her immune system.

That is the only thing I can do to make my mind at ease and at peace whenever I’m not with my child and she is outside like in school when she get to come across with different people especially the elderly. To boost her immune system, that is the only thing that comes to my mind and my husband for her. We are thankful to have known Amazing Pure Barley Products. The healthiest food plant by far. This is safe to drink for all ages, elder or young ones. That’s why the three of us Barley is our daily drink now, even my husband he started drinking Barley already.

How about to all of you parents out there, what are your worries for your children whenever they are outside and not by your side to protect them? – Mommy Sherry


Cancer Survivor Testimony!!! Must Read

She’s Melanie, a Stage II Cervical Cancer survivor.  “It runs on our blood being handsome and beautiful! 🙂 But kidding aside and it is not in our bloodline to have cancer. None really has cancer from my ancestors.” According to experts the possibilities of a person to have cancer, is either genetically or because of too much stress.  Right now, she’s in Japan, undergoing her fifth chemotherapy session. She is not allowed to work no matter how much she wanted because of her very weak immune system due to the chemotherapy sessions, it is very risky for her to infect with other illnesses because it could be fatal.

Now, what is the message of this testimony? Stop abusing your body, just plain and simple. Why? There is a principle called The Compound Effect. If every day you drink a bottle of soda, it is for sure one day you will have Diabetes. Why? Every bottle of soda contains 16 teaspoons of white sugar. If every day, you eat greasy/fatty foods, it will for sure one day, your arteries clogged that will lead you to get Heart Attack.

If every day you are too stressed out with your work, it will for sure one day you will get a sick and it could be anything! The one cause of diseases is Stress. So think really hard, is your job worth it when your health is at stake? It is not the big things that matter; it is the little things really in the end. They are easy to do, but easy too NOT to do.

I’m very thankful to those who generously donated Amazing Pure Organic Barley for my aunt.


Do you know problem with Cystic Acne or those pimples that multiply and don’t easily go away?  Do you know that those take a year to go off? Do you know that those are signs of some problems in the body? Cystic Acne is a symptom of a Hormonal Imbalance of the body, male or female, young or old. Good thing there is this Amazing Pure Organic Barley.

Barley can be drink to get property balance supply of hormones like Testosterone for males and Estrogen for females. It can also be used as face pack that you can apply to your face along with Organic Face Cream. Try it! To look younger and healthy!



My child is saved!

Only mothers know how painful this is. And really “Mothers know best…” Repost from Catherine Punzalan Pegad

Disclaimer: Don’t cry and be inspired. To God be the Glory!! Like and Share to save lives!! This is a very long post:

Hi! How are your guys? I would just like to share the Glory of God to our lives. I AM Catherine Punzalan Pegad, 28 years old, Overseas Filipino Worker in Rome Italy, a mom of three (3), full time mom and housewife. I have been unemployed for six (6) years already, and my husband work hard for our family. Even though we are abroad but my husband’s income is just enough for the whole family and not until my son was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Our Family went through a big trial emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. I praise God because we have survived! God answered our prayers! I cried to God for healing… I cried to God to help us overcome our trials in life… And He heard our prayers. During the duration of the chemotherapy of my son, I have researched what can help him alleviate his pains naturally and God lead me to Ms. Maritoni Fernandez’s testimony. When i saw her video, I told myself “Thank God, this has been what I was looking for.”

To make the story short, I had my son drinking Barley and Choco Barley juice, in just a month he gained two (2) Kilos and he became physically active again. His oncologist got amazed and asked what have we done to him? I just smiled. J But i know deep in my heart it is because of Barley. Barley is a super food with 68 micronutrients that our body needs. And sometimes I cannot avoid but ask the Lord, I asked God why He allowed my son to get sick. We are serving Him, teach and praises then why? And God replied: Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

So indeed it was God’s plan for everything to happen, and that is to bless us! He loves us!! Not because we have gone through trials and the Lord has forsaken us. It is only to test our faith to Him. Glory be to God, my son had his bone marrow checked up in September 21, 2018 and the result is he is now cancer free. Hallelujah!! Some people believed me, some did not! They even laughed at me. But it doesn’t matter, what is important is I have shared to them the good news. It was already a bonus that I was able to help others as well who are sick. God heals people through Barley. I will not be ashamed praising God continuously for only to Him belong the highest praises.


Say Goodbye to ULCER

I used to work in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)/ Call Center Industry and had switching schedules that lead me to irregular and abnormal eating habits. My tummy constantly aches and I found out that every time I skip meal or whenever I don’t eat on time, I would experience severe stomach, back and abdominal pain. I have also experienced frequent heartburn and Acid Reflux. I did not want to end up at the hospital so I went to the doctor and learned that I have Gastric Ulcer. A friend of mine introduced “Barley Juice” to me, I loved it, and it comes in different flavors.

Now, thanks to Barley! I drink it every morning 30 minutes before breakfast and I felt great improvement on my health. I realized that I no longer experience acid attack every night and now I am amazingly amazed by how Barley improved my immune system. Not only did it improve my bowel movement but it also eliminated my stomach disorder and strengthens my immune system.

Thanks to Amazing Barley.